You’ve got 30 seconds and 80+ random objects to choose from. Can you figure out a way to get through a crazy survival scenario? Think quickly to piece together your plan before making your case to the judge. It better be good; there are only so many rations that you can win and you never know what your fellow competitors have up their sleeves. 3 Things is a witty game of ridiculous persuasion, perfect for your most creative group of friends.

How to play



Lay out all the Things tiles and find the last person who used a porto potty–they’re the first judge. Next, draw an outrageous survival scenario and read it aloud to the group. Get those fingers ready, because it’s time to start grabbing…



Go for it! You’ve got 30 seconds to pick 3 things that you’ll need to survive. If someone else grabs one of your top choices: tough luck. It’s time to get even more creative.



Nail down the details and make your case by defending your plan to the judge. If you’re feeling extra competitive, you can play offense and point out holes in your opponents’ plans.



Judgement time. The judge awards each person anywhere from 0-3 rations depending on how original or likely their plan is to succeed. Tally the score and play until everyone has been the judge. The player with the most rations is the winner and ultimate survivor!

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