Can you steer clear of dirty thoughts for 60 seconds? It’s harder than you think when you need to create alternative meanings for dirty phrases like “Well Hung” and “Red Hot.” You get points for originality; so players who don’t know the real meaning have a leg up on the competition. Keep It Clean is a perfect “happy ending” to a late-night party, makes a “quickie” college study-break, and keeps you battling to see who’s “always on top!”


How to play


Choose a judge to draw a card from the pile of Dirty Cards and read the phrase out loud.


Write a clean, clever alternative meaning to the phrase. 


Be judged. If the judge is shocked by your answer, no points for you! Only unique, squeaky-clean answers are awarded a point. The judge may also award an extra point to especially virtuous responses. The player with the most points after all players have judged two rounds is the winner.