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About Us

We were tired of playing games that grossed out guests and required awkward explanations to our grandparents, so we created Shenanigames. Our party games don’t rely on embarrassing or offensive content but are still outrageously fun, while giving you room to “go there” if you want. They’re especially great for bringing out your mother-in-law’s unusual survival tips, or your neighbor’s surprisingly kinky vocabulary. Infused with innuendo, Shenanigames let you be clever with your coworkers, bawdy with drinking buddies, or squeaky clean with sweet Aunt Sally. You dish the dirt; we just provide the shovels.

Contact Us

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For more information on becoming a retailer or to place a wholesale order, please contact MW Wholesale directly.

PHONE 800.296.9485

FAX 800.936.6765

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