Easy to learn and hilarious to play, Mistaken Identity is the alter ego guessing game. Players draw an identity seen by everyone but themselves and must guess who they are from a cast of unlikely characters ranging from a man-bunned yogi to a coffee-drinking goth. Wrong guesses bring on crazy behaviors, accents, and punishments that pile up fast. Find out which of your friends has the best detective skills, and which ones do a surprisingly good German accent. As a bonus, every game comes with six fake mustaches for added laughs.

How to play



Take deck two of the identity cards and lay 12 face up and 12 face down so everyone can see them. Then, take the second set and have each player draw one card without looking. Each player puts their personal identity card in their stand facing away from them, so everyone else can see it, but they can’t. 



Going clockwise, each player gets to ask one yes-or-no question about their identity. At any time, a player can guess their hidden identity. 



An incorrect guess means you have to draw a behavior card. You must now perform this absurd behavior for the entire game. Yes, multiple wrong guesses mean multiple punishments, and yes: it's always funny.



A correct guess wins the game and starts the round over. Play as many rounds as it takes to forget who you are in real life.

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