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3 Things Naughty or Nice

3 Things Naughty or Nice rewards the angels and devils among us while training you for outrageous circumstances such as: being tracked by rabid toddlers, moaning after every sentence, and dangling from the edge of a cliff.


Read life-and-death training scenarios, then quickly choose between 110 bizarre—and bizarrely helpful—objects to improvise the perfect barbaric or benevolent survival strategy.

How to play


Earn the most Rations by creating the best survival plans. 



Place the Things in the center of the table. Shuffle the Survival Scenarios and place them to the side. Place the Scoring Rations and Naughty or Nice Bonus Rations to the side. Designate one player to be the “official” whistle blower for the group (optional) and give them the whistle.


Starting the Game

The person that most recently used a spork is the first judge. Play proceeds clockwise.



The judge picks a Survival Scenario card from the top of the deck and reads it out loud. Players then race to gather three Things that will help them withstand the Survival Scenario. If any player or players are slow to collect their objects, all other players are encouraged to heckle them into making a quick decision. 


Optional: If heckling the player or players doesn’t seem to be working, the designated whistle blower can blow the whistle thereby ending the round even if all survivalists have not collected three Things.

Note: It’s always more fun if everyone has three Things, but dang it Karen, we don’t have all night!


After all players have gathered their Things or the whistle has been blown, each player explains to the judge their survival plan crafted around each Thing they’ve collected. Plans can be outlandish and creative but always convincing; whatever will sway the judge to give as many life-sustaining Rations as possible. During each round, the judge will also give one Bonus Ration to the devil or angel among you that crafts the naughtiest or nicest survival tale.  

Tip: Consider how objects can be used in different ways. For example, to thwart a zombie attack, a teddy bear could be jammed down the zombie’s throat or given as a gift—because a zombie really just needs something to cuddle. 


Collecting Rations

Players can earn up to three Rations per turn, one for each Thing chip they picked. The judge is responsible for awarding Rations to each player. The judge will also award one Bonus Ration to a single player per round for the survival plan that is either the naughtiest or the nicest. 



After collecting their rations, players flip over their Thing chips and return them to the center with all other Things.


Discard the Survival Scenario.


Ending the Game

Once each player has been the judge, play ends. The player with the most Rations (including Bonus Rations) survives and wins the game! 


Tie Breaker

It is very possible that more than one player will end up with the same number of Rations. In the case of a tie, return all the Thing chips to the bag. Have a non-survivor pick a scenario from the top of the deck and read it to the remaining players. Survivors take three Things out of the bag, one at a time, pitching their survival plans to the remaining players. Note: Survivors only pull Things on their turn, so they don’t get additional time to “think.” The non-survivors then decide which player has the best plan to determine the winner!


Really? All players have tied?

Congratulations! You have unlocked the cooperative version of 3 Things! 

Everybody survives, and everybody wins!


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