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A little spicy, a little nicey.

Our Games

Our Games

3 Things


Are you the ultimate survivor? Find out in this creative game of do-or-die where savvy survivors must think quickly and select odd objects that will help them live through unfortunate and outrageous survival scenarios. In 3 Things, the ultimate survival tools are your wits!


3 Things

Naughty or Nice


When it comes to surviving an iguana apocalypse or camping with cannibals, is it every man for himself or do you charm your way out of these sticky situations? In 3 Things Naughty or Nice it is up to you to decide which three odd objects you will choose to craft your survival plan. Then it is up to the judge to decide who developed the sweetest or most devilish way out!



Mistaken Identity

Sleuth your way to victory in this party game of hidden personas. Ask yes-or-no questions to decipher who you really are from a cavalcade of characters while layering on crazy behaviors, accents, and challenges for every wrong guess.

Keep it Clean

Your mind may slip into the gutter, but you’ll need squeaky clean answers to win this game! Players scramble to write down clean and clever alternative meanings for common dirty phrases like “Top Heavy,” and “Piece of Meat.” This may be the only time you’ll score with pure thoughts in your head! 


Record Deal

You don’t need to be a good singer, have had a troubled childhood or beat the devil in a fiddle-off to be a star. Record Deal is the game of ludicrous lyrics paired with 16 song styles. Will you be singing a Doo-Wop version of “Pancakes ” or jamming out to a reggae rendition of “Dad Pants?”  Earn Record Deals by getting the most votes each round – whether your performance is hilarious or hilariously bad! 



Shake it up with this fast, fun, and frisky word game that’s the perfect way to spike your cocktail-infused game night. Get your mind bubbling as you pour the dice, grab your letters, nail the challenge, and wordsmith your way to a win.


Unicorns & Urinals

Team up and guess which wild word pairs your communication comrade is clueing from the card. From ‘Thongs & Thermometers’ to ‘Canker Sores & Cupcakes’ see if you can swiftly solve over 660 perplexing pairs of same-letter words before time terminates.

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